Bell X-1A Goes Mach 2



The Bell X-1A was the second-generation version of the X-1 experimental rocket plane, designed to probe aerodynamic and thermal flight characteristics above Mach 2 and 90,000 feet. On December 12, 1953, the Air Force pilot was launched from a B-29 on the X-1A’s eleventh flight, and achieved a world-record speed of Mach 2.44, or 1650 mph at a peak altitude of 74,200 feet.The band of frost on the forward fuselage is formed by the supercooled liquid oxygen tank within, and the exhaust plume shows all four barrels of the XLR-11 rocket engine at maximum power-6,000 pounds of thrust. Print Overall size 18 x 24.EDITION: 1000 signed/numbered by Mike Machat.

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