Fighter Pilot: A History and Celebration



Take someone with superior intelligence, unusual strength, perfect vision, instant reflexes, exceptional marksmanship, and nerves of steel—and you just might have the makings of a fighter pilot. Navigating with brains and stamina, and often by the seat of their pants, these unique heroes succeed or fail by dint of skill and wit. And although the planes have changed (from precarious contraptions made of wood, wire, and cloth to sleek, exotic warbirds able to cruise at speeds that exceed Mach 1!), fighter pilots still must out-think, out-fly, and out-fight their deadly opponents in a high-stakes, one-on-one contest. Illustrated throughout with action photos, paintings, and memorabilia from both world wars, here is a splendid collection of personal memoirs that recalls the thrill of flying Spitfires, Phantoms, Zeros, and other fighter planes from aviation history. Through glamorous stories of combat missions, this book examines the evolution of tactics from World War I to the Gulf War. 10" x 10". Color and black-and-white photos and illustrations. Signed by: C.E. "Bud" Anderson

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