Fighters: The World's Great Aces and Their Planes


A-Book:FightersWGTex Hill

The story of air warfare and fighter aircraft is almost as old as aviation itself. When war came shortly after the Wright brothers' first flight, it didn't take long for militaries to recognize the uses (though not imediately offensive) of the airplane. This book goes back to those early, clumsy beginnings, tracing the history of dogfighting from the Red Baron until Desert Storm, with stops in Britain (as in "Battle of"), Korea and Vietnam. The pictures are excellent, and the reading, if light, is engaging. The author also remains close to the humans who drive these killer machines - from brooding Frank Luke and the cold-blooded Richtoven to the WWII aces turned jet-age wing commanders like Robin Olds. The author wisely breaks down the periods rather than consolidate them, and also has separate chapters for each nation. It's in WWI chapters that the author shines - his tales of the early aces give those pioneer warriors the attention that usually goes to pilots of Mustangs, Sabrejets and Fulcrums. Bookplate signed by: Tex Hill

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