Focke-Wulf Fw 190


P-DDFW190 (Davison)

THE FOCKE WULF 190D-9 was a mid-WWII development of the company’s successful “A” series of fighters. The “Dora” series featured a long nose that housed a Jumo inline engine. It was armed with a pair of 20 mm cannons in the wings and a pair of 7.9 mm machine guns above the engine. Regarded as an “emergency solution” until the Ta 152 could enter service. The D-9 was in fact superior to most fighters of its’ time. Oskar “Ossi” Romm began his career as a fighter pilot with JG (Jagdgeschwader) 51 in 1942. Flying the FW 190A he scored his first victory on his second mission. By September 1943, he had 70 victories. In January 1945, he was given command of a squadron, and in February, a group in JG 3. Romm scored his last victories in the FW 190D and overall shot down 92 aircraft. 82 on the Eastern Front and 10 on the Western Front.Signed by the artist and “Ossi” Romm

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