Tex Hill: Flying Tiger



Born the son of missionary parents in Korea, David "Tex" Hill has become one of America's most famous and beloved fighter aces. "Tex" Hill: Flying Tiger recounts his intriguing early life, standout career, and non-stop adventures of all kinds. Tex's story is inescapably intertwined with those of Claire Chennault, the famed 'Flying Tigers', and the nation of China, and this book weaves all three fascinating storylines into a masterful tapestry, certain to entertain and educate. Tex and his grandson relate Hill's exploits through his naval aviation days and on to the Far East, where a motley collection of maverick airmen and ground crew-the American Volunteer Group---changed the face of the war in China and Burma through unparalleled valor. The story then moves to Tex's command of America's first jet equipped fighter squadron and the creation of the Texas Air National Guard. The authors include a hardhitting assessment of the failures and missed opportunities that changed China's stance toward America and the West just a few short years after their wartime alliance. Finally Tex's forays into the realms of Hollywood filmmaking, African biggame hunting, mineral mining in Mexico, and operating oil interests in south Texas round out the tale, providing an insightful look into the life of one of World War II's premier flying legends. Tex Hill was the man that so many of the World War II aces looked up to and admired when they first entered the military. You will find this great reading. The book is signed by: Tex Hill.

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