Whistling Death: The Test Pilot's Story of the F4U Corsair



Whistling Death is the true story, by the test pilot, of the rush to produce the F4U Corsair, the Navy fighter that brought America air superiority over the Japanese Zero in World War II. Here is the crash program - complete with crash landings - powered by the dedicated men and women of the home front who designed and built this revolutionary, tide-turning airplane. Boone T. Guyton, an experimental test pilot at Chance Vought during and after World War II, flew 105 types of aircraft in 45 years as a pilot. The memoirs of Boone Guyton, the original F4U Corsair test pilot. Guyton’s tales of courage in the cockpit, close calls and crack-ups make the pulse beat faster. Leather, foil-stamped, limited-edition. Special end papers signed in ink by: Medal of Honor recipient Ken Walsh, USN Ace Tommy Blackburn, USMC Test Pilot/Ace Marion Carl and Boone Guyton

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