Missions that Changed the War Doolittle Raiders


1 DVD M Doolittle Raiders

EPISODE DESCRIPTIONS, DOOLITTLE SERIES “THE CALL TO WAR” • EPISODE 1 – Four survivors of the immortal Doolittle Raid on Japan describe the events that led to the Raid, and to their volunteering to become “Doolittle Tokyo Raiders”. “SPECIAL AVIATION PROJECT NUMBER ONE” • EPISODE 2 – General “Hap” Arnold, Chief of the Army Air Forces, persuades aviation legend James H. Doolittle to return to active duty at age 46, to plan and execute the most daring aerial raid of World War II. “THE TARGET OF THIS TASK FORCE IS TOKYO” • EPISODE 3 - Doolittle’s Raiders are forced to launch their planes early when the task force carrying the bombers is spotted by a Japanese patrol boat. Roaring in at treetop level, the Raiders strike Japan then race for refuge in China. Low on fuel, unable to contact their Chinese allies, the Raiders face uncertain fates. Will they find safety, capture, or death? Exclusive interviews with Raider veterans offer a minute-by-minute account of this daring attack and its gripping aftermath. “THE LEGACY” • EPISODE 4 – After bombing Japan, The Doolittle Tokyo Raiders make landfall in China in a raging storm ; in the dead of night. All 16 B-25 bombers are lost. Eighty brave volunteers complete their rendezvous with destiny.

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