Missions That Changed the War Gunther Rall Germany's Last Ace


1 DVD Gunther Rall

Episode 1: “GERMANY RISING” 1944: Gunther Rall is one of the highest-scoring fighter aces in Germany. Hub Zemke is the commander of the 56th Fighter Group, the deadliest fighter outfit in the Eighth Air Force. They will meet in battle on 12 May 1944, a day that will alter the course of the war. Exclusive interviews and in-depth historical narrative trace the early careers of Rall, Zemke, and Shorty Rankin, a pilot in the 56th Fighter Group. In never-before-seen interviews, Gunther Rall gives his personal account of Germany’s descent into madness and world war. Episode 2: “BARBAROSSA” Barbarossa, June 1940: Germany launches its fateful invasion of the Soviet Union. Interviews with Luftwaffe fighter pilot and squadron commander Gunther Rall — seen for the first time anywhere — reveal first-hand the savagery, folly, and betrayal of Hitler’s failed conquest in the East. Rall’s personal account of his three meetings with Hitler provide an intimate look at one of history’s most powerful and ill-fated leaders. Episode 3: “TURNING POINT” The War in the West: The doctrine of strategic bombing, developed before the war, is tested by the American Eighth Air Force and British Royal Air Force. Through exclusive interviews, double ace Robert “Shorty” Rankin and others profile Hub Zemke whose genius for leadership and tactics made the 56th Fighter Group — “Zemke’s Wolf Pack” — the deadliest in the Eighth Air Force. Luftwaffe Group Leader Gunther Rall offers his first-person account of the savagery and chaos of the Russian Front. Episode 4: “OUT OF GAS” May 12, 1944: Nazi Armaments Minister Albert Speer will later call it the day that Germany lost the war. An American fighter group — Zemke’s “Wolf Pack” — applies new tactics that will change the course of the air war over Europe. Shorty Rankin will become a double ace in one mission. Luftwaffe Group Leader Gunther Rall, with more than 200 aerial victories, has returned from Russia to defend his German homeland against waves of Allied bombers. May 12, 1944 brings a fateful, encounter between Zemke, Rall, and Rankin, revealed in exclusive first-hand interviews.

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