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Thunderbolt and Mustang Ace, Spiros “Steve” Pisanos Autographed aircraft panelSteve Pisanos is unique among American aces – he was born in Greece and first flew combat as a volunteer pilot of the famed RAF “Eagle Squadrons” with the likes of Don Gentile, his best friend. When the Eagles were absorbed into the USAAF 4th Fighter Group in September 1942, they transitioned from Spitfires to Thunderbolts. In May ’42 Pisanos became an American citizen, the first ever to become such outside the Continental U.S. Eventually the group received Mustangs.Pisanos was credited with 10 aerial victories when he was forced to land in occupied France in March ‘44. He worked with the Underground and OSS for six months as a behind-the-lines saboteur before being returned to England after the liberation of Paris. Postwar he served as test-pilot at Wright Field, Ohio, and retired from the USAF in 1973.Steve Pisanos has autographed this panel #2/10 that depicts the distinctive “boxing Eagle” insignia of the 334th Fighter Squadron of the 4th Fighter Group.Artwork was researched and hand-painted by noted aviation artist, Ron Kaplan, on actual scrap P-51 Mustang aluminum. It is mounted against a black background in a ready-to-hang, 16” by 17” Swedish Walnut shadow-box frame with an ID plaque centered beneath.The piece comes with a photo of Pisanos taken at the edition signing. It’s a great piece with which to start, or add to, your fighter aces signature collection.

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