Ron Kaplan Art - Vejtasa



Navy Dive Bomber and Double-Ace, Stanley W. “Swede” Vejtasa, Autographed aircraft panel“Swede” Vejtasa has the unique distinction of scoring his first five victories, thus becoming an ace, while flying lightly armed Dauntless dive-bombers from the USS Yorktown with Scouting Squadron Five (VS-5). During the Battle of the Coral Sea he was also instrumental in sinking the Japanese light carrier Shoho.Not surprisingly Vejtasa was re-assigned to “The Grim Reapers” of Fighting Squadron 10 (VF-10), flying F4F Wildcats from the USS Enterprise. In October 1942 he shot down seven more enemy aircraft – in one day - bringing his total to eleven aerial victories before completing his VF-10 tour. Eager for more combat, he became an Air Group Commander on a carrier working up for the invasion of Japan. The war ended before his deployment.S.W. “Swede” Vejtasa has autographed this panel #2/6 which depicts the insignia of the Scouting Squadron 5 (VS-5).Artwork was researched and hand-painted by noted aviation artist, Ron Kaplan, on actual scrap aircraft aluminum. Mounted to black plexi in a ready-to-hang, black lacquer 15” by 16” shadow-box frame with an ID plaque centered beneath.This is from one of Kaplan’s early panel series – a very short edition and thus extremely rare. It’s a great piece with which to start, or add to, your Navy fighter aces signature collection.

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