About Us

Aviation Autographs was founded in 1999 when Ed and Connie Bowlin along with Lt. Col Dave McFarland (ret) decided to make this vast collection of Aviation Books and prints available online through AviationAutographs.com.  

This premier collection of items autographed by some of Aviation’s legendary aviators includes personal memoirs, definitive histories and compelling stories along with limited edition prints and the famed Gathering of Eagles Collection.  The collection exists now primarily because of Lt. Col. Dave McFarland (USAF, Retired).  As former Chief of the History Department at the Air Command and Staff College (Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL), Lt. Col. McFarland has traveled all over the world in his quest to personally meet air and space legends, men and women who have significantly contributed to the advancement of aviation.  In 1982, as an Air Command Staff faculty member, Dave founded the annual "Gathering of Eagles”, bringing together the most distinguished aviators from around the world.  Over 275 of the most accomplished people from the fields of aviation, space, and engineering have been honored from 25 different nations. Each year, a Gathering of Eagles aviation print was commissioned and contains the original signatures of these legendary aviation heroes.  As a result of these contacts and personal relationships, books and prints were added to the inventory.  Aviation Autographs is the only source in the world for the 19 prints in the Eagle's unique print series.  Many of the additional prints in inventory were commissioned by Col. McFarland and “special” signature edition books were designed and published at his request.

Aviation Hall of Fame inductees, and well known professional and “Warbird” pilots, Ed and Connie Bowlin created Aviation Autographs to be the world premier source for your connection to legendary aviators.  Choose from Aces, Test Pilots, Fighters Pilots, Bombers Pilots, Astronauts and Friend or Foe.  All items in this extremely rare and limited collection are new and once we are sold out, can never be replaced.  Many of these Aviators were and are close personal friends which guarantees unparalleled authenticity to these signatures.