Lt. John Voll completed flying training in January 1944 and was assigned to the 31st Fighter Group, then stationed in Italy. This war-hardened unit began operations during “Torch,” the invasion of North Africa, and continued to operate in the Mediterranean Theater until the end of the war. Voll, a 21-year-old rookie, quickly mastered the P-51 and by July 1944 scored his 5th victory to become an ace. Four months later, he left the theater with 21 confirmed victories, 3 probables, and 4 damaged enemy aircraft in his log. Captain Voll’s final victories came in “American Beauty,” a P-51D, on 16 November 1944. Beginning the day as lead on an escort mission to Munich, he was forced to abort due to an electrical problem. As he returned alone, he spotted a single Ju-88 over Udine, Italy, and gave chase. He was jumped by 12 German fighters and in a frantic 5-minute battle, Voll shot down the Ju-88, an Me-109, and two FW-190’s. That day, Voll became the leading ace in Fifteenth Air Force. The Wingman in this print is Bob Goebel in his P-51 "The Flying Dutchman". This painting is the first work in oil by Jay Ashurst. It became a part of the USAF’s superb art collection in 1986. Aero Art America gained the print rights in 1987 and scheduled the printing in late 1987. During the project, Colonel Voll was determined to have inoperable cancer. At his family’s request, the work was expeditiously completed. This was truly a labor of love as John Voll died in September 1987….just days after the signing. EDITION: 1000 SIGNED/NUMBER BY Jay Ashurst and John Voll. SIZE: 16 x 20

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