Warbirds in Review 2015 Anatomy of a Restoration

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“Keep Em Flyin” is a phrase that truly means something to a Warbird owner, pilot or
enthusiast. These Mustangs represent the ultimate belief and support of this mission statement. The first step in a restoration is the commitment of an owner followed by the dedication to detail and the talents of a restoration shop. The Warbird community is fortunate to have this combination of commitment and talent come together to preserve these National Treasures. EAA Warbirds of America recognizes the preservation of Warbird aircraft through the Prestigious Aircraft Awards.
Pacific Fighters and Air Corps are two shining examples of Warbird restoration shops. The audience will enjoy the stories as these two P-51s compete for top honors. The bond with the veterans who flew them will bring these aircraft to life. The three-year restoration of “Sierra Sue” by Air Corps Aviation in Bemidji, MN., was completed in 2014. Flying, once again as she would have looked on the flight line in Belgium. Erik Hokuf will represent the Air Corps team.

Berlin Expressis the newest restoration to come from Pacific Fighters, Idaho Falls, Idaho. This P-51B was built for owner Max Chapman to represent Bill Overstreet’s P-51B which flew with the 357th FG. John Muszala Sr. and John Jr. will share the Pacific Fighters story. You will notice the nose art and the cosmetic details first, but what is really amazing is the attention to the mechanical details.

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