Can't Talk, Gotta Shoot



"Can't Talk now...Gotta Shoot" July 7, 1944. Capt. Clarence E. "Bud" Anderson slides in behind a trio of ME 109S flying in perfect formation, seemingly oblivious to the huge armada of bombers and fighters in the vicinity. 357TH Fighter Group leader Tommy Hayes, spoiling for action, calls out on the radio, "Andy! Where are you?" Focused on the business at hand, Anderson replies, "Can't talk now...Gotta shoot." Limited edition of 250 prints on 13"x19" premium rag stock. Signed and numbered by the artist. Limited number signed by: C.E. "Bud" AndersonFollowing is the description of the process used by Dan Zoernig to produce these prints...think you'll find it very interesting: "These aviation illustrations are a combination of historical research, commercial photography and digital retouching. Scale buildups of the aircraft are captured with a Hasselblad medium format camera, then digitally placed into an environment appropriate for the time period (in this case, the Second World War). Great care is taken to ensure that the subject's lighting matches that of the background so that there is harmony between both elements in the image, then the aircraft is carefullyblended into its surroundings for a tight, cohesive presentation. Each image represents either a specific event in history, or is a study of a particular aircraft type during the period. Extensive research ensures that the markings on the subjects are historically accurate, as well as the events portrayed. These fine art prints are produced one at a time on 250 gsm Somerset Fine Art Watercolor stock with a 7 color printing process. The inks are pigment based, and are rated for lightfastness at approximately 80 years. For added protection, they are coated with an ultra-violet resistant sealant."

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