Warbirds in Review 2016 MiG-17 & F-86 with Korean War Ace, Chick Cleveland

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Charles G. “Chick” Cleveland represents our Korean veterans, joined by Airshow pilot Randy Ball to talk about the MiG-17 which was in development at the end of Korea and became a formidable foe during the Vietnam War. 

Jon Blanchette is the restorer and owner of the MiG-17. Doug Matthews is the owner of the F-86; the Fighter of choice in Korea and still one of the prettiest Jets flying.  

Chick Cleveland transferred to South Korea in March 1952, where he flew F-86s as a flight commander with the 334th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron of the 4th Fighter-Interceptor Wing at Kimpo Air Base. During his combat tour of duty, he shot down five MiG-15s and is credited with one probably destroyed and four damaged.  “Chick” Cleveland retired from the Air Force as a Lt. General.  

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