Warbirds in Review 2015 North American F-100

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Dick Rutan is best known for innovative designs, flight testing and the around the world trip of the Voyager aircraft. We appreciate this opportunity to hear more about Dick’s Air Force career and his service in Vietnam, flying the F-100.

Retired four-star USAF General Charles G Boyd is a highly decorated combat Photo: John Dibbs pilot. With over 2,400 flight hours, he flew F-100s and F-105s in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. He was shot down on April 22, 1966 while on his 105th mission. From 1966 to 1973 (2,488 days), he was a prisoner of war, interned in various prisons in North Vietnam he was released on February 12, 1973 as a part of Operation Homecoming.

Based in Fort Wayne,ln the F-100F featured is owned and flown by Dean "Cutter" Cutshall, a former Navy A-4 pilot. The North American F-100 Super Sabre was the first USAF fighter capable of supersonic speed in level flight. Designed as an air superiority fighter it was adapted as a fighter bomber, the F-100 flew extensively over South Vietnam as the Air Force's primary close air support jet.

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