Eagles on Patrol



From 1940 to 1942, many Americans joined the Royal Air Force to meet the challenge of the Luftwaffe. The first Eagle Squadron, No. 71, was formed in January 1941. In July, No 121 became operational and was followed by No. 133 in August. All three at first flew Hawker Hurricanes and then Supermarine Spitfires. All three squadrons fought over England and France and covered the Dieppe Raid. Numerous decorations were awarded to the 240 men of the Eagle Squadrons. Carroll “Red” McColpin was the only one to serve and fly combat in all three “Yank” squadrons. He first served in a Hurricane squadron and then joined 121 squadron. He soon transferred to combat-hardened 71 Squadron and gained his first aerial victory. He was the only pilot to engage and “fight to a draw” then top Luftwaffe ace…the legendary Werner Mölders. McColpin then joined 133 Squadron and claimed that unit’s first victory. When the Eagle Squadrons became the 4th Fighter Group of the US Army Air Force, McColpin was sent to the “States” on a War Bond drive. He later returned to command the 404th Fighter Group. In a distinguished career. He rose to major general in the USAF. EDITION: 1000 signed/numbered by Jay Ashurst and Carroll “Red” McColpin SIZE: 18” x 24”

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