Warbirds in Review 2015 F-22 "Raptor" & F-16 "Fighting Falcon"

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As we honor our airplanes and veterans of past wars, we also recognize those who
currently protect our freedoms.
Major Ray Fowler is a very active and accomplished Warbird pilot. We typically see him at Oshkosh in the Mustang, P-40, B-17 or others. In 2014 Ray was in Afghanistan flying the F-16, Fighting Falcon, with the 187th Fighter Wing, Alabama ANG. Don’t miss footage taken as Maj Fowler flew the F-16 on combat missions in Afghanistan. Thank you to the Air Force for releasing this footage. At press time, attendance of an F-16 aircraft is pending due to the Dept. of Defense restrictions on the number of aircraft allowed to attend an airshow. We have a great fill in The F-22 will be on our Warbirds in Review ramp with an opportunity to talk with Capt. John Cummings, an Appleton, Wisconsin, native who was the 2015 demo pilot for F-22 nationwide. You never know what our Warbird volunteers do in “real life”. Our very own Warbird Volunteer, Mike Wagnon will take part in this program. Mike is F-22 Lead Aeronautical Engineer Stf, Hill AFB, Ogden Utah.

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