Gathering of Eagles 1982



"Great Moments in Aviation History" Each Print is Signed in Pencil by the following Aviators: George Vaughn, Leigh Wade, James Doolittle, Curtis LeMay, Joe Foss, George Gay, John Mitchell, Gail Halverson, Paul Tibbets, Francis "Gabby" Gabreski, Neil Armstrong, Michael Novosel, Robin Olds,William Knight - and one additional WWII P-51 Ace and well known test pilot. There were 1100 of the 1982 Great Moments in Aviation prints. The prints were produced by Lithochrome in Columbus, Georgia in April/May 1982. Thirteen of the 15 signatures were completed at Maxwell AFB in June 1982 by the attending signers. Neil Armstrong signed the prints in May 1982 at his office in Lebanon, Ohio. They were witnessed by Major Ken Tollefson who was the chief of the four person student team that worked on the project from its inception in 1981, No photos were taken. In May 1982 1100 printst were taken to then Lt Gen Doolittle at his home in Carmel Valley, California and he signed 1100 prints. This was witnessed by one of the four project officers. Thirteen of the 15 signers of the 1982 print completed the signing of the 1100 prints at Maxwell AFB as a part of the first of what would become the Gathering of Eagles. Each signer worked with one of his two host officers at Maxwell AFB. There were 1100 prints, with no artist proofs, no HC, and no unnumbered prints. Twenty five of the 1100 prints were provided to the artist, William J Reynolds, as a part of his pay for the original painting which now hangs in Air Command and Staff College, Maxwell AFB, Alabama. David L. McFarland, Lt Col, USAF, Retired, Originator of the Great Moments in Aviation/Gathering of Eagles prints series. Principal Advisor of these programs from 1982 through 200 Artist: William Reynolds Edition: 1000, Matted Print 24” x 25”

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