Gathering of Eagles 1985



This print "Gathering of Eagles 1985" was published in May 1985. It was the fourth in a series produced for graduating classes of the Air Command and Staff College at Maxwell AFB, Alabama. All signatures are original and in pencil. The 16 men were selected to represent the 130 aces of the United States Air Service, United States Army Air Force, United States Navy, and the United States Marine Corps who attended the annual convention of the American Fighter Aces Association in Montgomery, Alabama. 1985 GATHERING OF EAGLES Each Print is Signed in Pencil by the following Aviators: George A. Vaughn, Jr., Joseph J. Foss, Carroll W. "Red" McColpin., Gregory "Pappy" Boyington, John R. Alison, David McCampbell, Francis S. "Gabby" Gabreski, Rex T. Barber, Walker M. "Bud" Mahurin, Frederick C. "Boots" Blesse, Randy "Duke" Cunningham, John J. Voll, Richard S. "Steve" Ritchie, Herman E. Ernst, Robinson "Robie" Risner - and one additional WWII P-51 Ace and well known test pilot. Artist: Jay Ashurst Edition: 1000 Details: Three separate panels - Center and two side panels with signaturesSize: Typical finished size when matted and framed - 32” x 40”

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