Gathering of Eagles 1990



1990 GATHERING OF EAGLES Each Print is Signed in Pencil by the following Aviators:Maurice R. Smith, C. Alfred "Chief" Anderson, Robert L. Scott, Jr., Joseph J. "Joe" Foss, W. Dennis David, Paul W. Tibbets, Kurt Kuhlmey, Donald S. Lopez, Roland P. "Bee" Beamont, Dora Dougherty Strother, Hajo Herrmann, F. Desmond Hughes, Eugene B. "Ben" LeBailly, Fritz Losigkeit, James B. Stockdale, Paul C. Webb, Buzz Aldrin, Wolfgang "Bombo" Schenck, Robert L. Stewart - and one additional WWII P-51 Ace and well known test pilot. Edition: 1000 Details: Three separate panels - Center and two side panels with signatures Size: Typical finished size when Matted and framed - 32” x 40” Artist: Charles Munday

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