Hunters in the Sky: Fighter Aces of WWII



Companion book to the TV series of same name: numerous photos and stories of the chase told by the aces. Signed by Aleksandri Vybornov Aleksandr I. Vybornov scored 28 aerial victories during the Great Patriotic War. Born in 1921, in the town of Kashira, near Moscow, Vybornov enlisted in the Soviet Air Force in 1939. He earned pilot wings at Chuguyev military flying school one year later. In September 1942, he was posted to the 728th Fighter Regiment on the Kalinin Front, and flew the obsolete Polikarpov I-16 Rata. After 30 combat sorties and one confirmed aerial victory, he received a medal for "Military Merit." Vybornov often flew as wingman for Arsenij Vorozhekhin, a leading ace. The pair formed a deadly fighting team until well into 1944 when both became squadron leaders.

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