Israel's Best Defense: The First Full Story of the Israeli Air Force (Giora Even)



The first full story of the Israeli Air Force. Biographical bookplate signed in ink by Giora Even or Amir Nacumi, the Israeli Air Force’s leading Ace. This book repeats many of the same war stories told in Ehud Yonay's No Margin for Error ( LJ 3/1/93) , from the rickety beginnings of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) to its outstanding successes in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. A former pilot in the IAF who now works for El Al Airlines, Cohen offers up far more historical details than Yonay. He is also able to place the personal tales of pilots and squadrons into the broader context of the development of the IAF, the changes in its strategy, and the impact of its victories. There are still victory rolls and gut-pounding G-Turns, but these high-altitude tales are grounded in discussions of the policies of David Ben-Gurion and Shimon Peres. There is also more insight into and analysis of Israel's enemies. Unfortunately, like Yonay, Cohen still lacks a central theme and ends without an insightful conclusion, but his book makes good reading for popular collectionss-- John Yurechko, Georgetown Univ., Washington, D.C.

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