Lions in Winter Normandy-Niemen Regiment Yak 9



In World War II men fought for ideas. They fought even though their nation was not at war and they fought on even when their nation had been overrun. Americans risked their citizenship to fight under other flags in Burma, China and England. Dutchmen, Belgians, Norwegians, Poles, Czechs, Yugoslavs, Frenchmen and Greeks would make their way to England to join the Royal Air Force ….to strike a blow against Hitler’s forces.Among the least known of the “foreign legions” was the Normandy-Niemen Regiment. This unit ultimately would comprise three squadrons of Frenchmen who’s Yak-9’s would carry both the “Red Star” of Russia and the tricolor of their subjugated homeland. Many of these men would be buried in the evergreen forest, but many would also reach manhood there. Roland de la Poype, would gain 16 victories there, be made a "Hero of the Soviet Union", and command a squadron. Marcel Albert is the leading "Ace" of the French Air Force with 23 victories and is also a "Hero of the Soviet Union".EDITION: 1000 signed/numbered by Jay Ashurt, Roland de la Poype and Marcel Albert.

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