Messerschmitt Me 262: Development /Testing/Production


A-ME 262 Krupinski

Accounts of the developments of the fighter, fighter/bomber, reconnaissance, and night fighter versions. Signed by: Walter "Graf Punski" Krupinski Walter "Graf Punski" Krupinski (11 November 1920 – 7 October 2000) was a German Luftwaffe fighter ace of World War II and a senior West German air force officer after the war. He was one of the highest-scoring pilots, credited with 197 victories in 1,100 sorties. He was called by his fellow pilots Graf Punski (Count Punski) due to his Prussian origins. Krupinski was one of the first to fly the Me 262 jet fighter in combat as a member of the famous aces squadron JV 44 led by Adolf Galland.

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