My Log Book Gunther Rall



Much has been written about Günther Rall, one of the most extraordinary pilots of all time. Now he tells his own story. From his youth in Nazi Germany to the first harsh realities of air combat over France and England. Of being hounded by the Gestapo while at the same time being showered with awards by Hitler. Of the 275 aerial victories that placed him among the top three fighter pilots in history. Of an operational career that began on the Me 109 and culminated with the F-104. A life, unequalled in war and peace, and in the skies above four continents.Forward by Bud Anderson: "There is one factor that separates the good fighter pilots from the great: an inner desire to engage an oppponent one versus one, kill or be killed. This made Günther the third ranking ace in all of aviation history. His autobiography is unique in many respects. To me the best part is about the flying - but even the footnotes are filled with fascinating tidbits of viewpoints and history. This is the story of a true warrior." Bud Anderson Signed by Günther Rall

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