Patton in North Africa



George Patton (1885-1945). Legendary U.S. General. . This is a print is derived from an original oil painting by Michel Gnatek and titled Patton in North Africa 1943. Michael Gnatek has long been recognized as the premier portrait painter, both of American military and western figures. His range of subject matter is remarkably diverse from strongly confident poses of Patton, Stuart, Lee, Jackson and a young Confederate Standard-Bearer to the quiet tranquility of Sitting Bull, an Indian Sundancer, a solitary mountain man and a demure Crow maiden. His artistic print history is not extensive because each original requires from four to six months for completion. He has done two beautiful paintings of patton and one of Douglas MacArthur. Gnatek's unfailing attention to historic and geographic accuracy has earned him membership in the prestigious Society of American Historical Artists (SAHA). He was born in Hadley, Massachusetts, studied at Yale University's School of Design and spent his three-year tenure with the U.S. Marine Corps as a combat artist.

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