Preemptive Strike : The Secret Plan That Would Have Prevented the Attack on Pearl Harbor (Armstrong)


B-PS (Armstrong)

Alan Armstrong, an aviation attorney,...interested in the history of the "Flying Tigers" was lead by his resesrch to some interesting facts buried in our historical archives. The Pearl Harbor disaster continues to generate an endless supply of "what-ifs." What if the deciphered Japanese messages had been interpreted properly? What if the warnings of the radar men had started a general alert? Five months before Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt gave tentative approval to a plan to equip the Chinese with heavy bombers and fighters--nominally part of China's military, these planes would be manned by Americans and used to attack Japanese forces and supply lines in China. Armstrong reveals some fascinating details about the bureaucratic squabbling over the implementation of the plan. Was it close to being activated? Will you believe that the successful execution of the plan would have prevented the attack on Pearl Harbor? This is a fun book; an enjoyable mental exercise. Signed by Alan Armstrong

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