Roar of the Tiger

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A World War II pilot recounts his experiences, which included flying with Claire Chennault's fabled Flying Tigers, matching his P-40 Tomahawk fighter against a force of Japanese Zeros. David Lee "Tex" Hill (July 13, 1915 – October 11, 2007) With a nickname like “Tex”, it would seem obvious where David Lee Hill was born. But it was in the town of Kwangju, Korea that David Lee “Tex” Hill was born on July 13, 1915. His parents, both missionaries, returned from Korea to the United States in 1916, winding up eventually in Texas. He was commissioned a Naval ensign in 1939 and ordered to report to the USS Saratoga aircraft carrier at San Diego. He was assigned to a torpedo squadron. The aviators flew the massive Douglas TBD-1, which was vastly different from anything Hill had handled in flight training. But when General Clair Chennault put out the call for volunteers to form his American Volunteer Group, the AVG, in Burma in 1941, Hill was one of the first in line. He resigned from the Navy and shipped off to China. After America’s entry into the war and the deactivation of the Flying Tigers in the summer of 1942, Hill accepted a promotion to major in the Army Air Corps. He remained in China to activate the 75th Fighter Squadron and later to command the 23rd Fighter Group, the follow-on to his beloved Flying Tigers. The 23rd was the first fighter group to be activated in the field of battle. John Richardson "Johnny" Alison (November 21, 1912 – June 6, 2011)was a highly decorated American combat ace of World War II and veteran of the Korean War, and is often cited as the father of Air Force Special Operations. Signed by the author James Howard.

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