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‘ENOLA GAY’ Authentic B-29 Superfortress cowl flap autographed by Paul Tibbets, Pilot On August 6, 1945, the world forever changed when a 509th Bomb Group B-29, named ‘ENOLA GAY’ for its pilot’s mother, dropped the first of two atomic bombs on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. After the second atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki by another B-29 three days later, the Imperial Japanese soon surrendered unconditionally, thus bringing to an end to World War Two. The commander of these breakthrough missions and the pilot of the ‘ENOLA GAY’ was (then) Colonel Paul W. Tibbets. As head ultra-secret Operation Silverplate and the 509th Bomb Group, he was specially selected to lead nearly every aspect of assembling and training the unit to deliver this revolutionary, never-been-tested-in-combat superweapon. Incredibly, all this was accomplished in absolute secrecy, even to the very men servicing and aboard the B-29’s that were specially modified for this dangerous task. This piece, #6 from an edition of only 14, features an actual WWII B-29 engine nacelle cowl flap that has been hand-painted with the iconic ‘ENOLA GAY’ nose-art by aviation artist Ron Kaplan and then hand-signed in permanent ink by Paul Tibbets. It comes ready-to-hang, with the polished and clear-coated cowl flap mounted in a beautiful custom-made 21” by 25” Swedish Walnut shadow-box frame. An engraved ID plaque is centered beneath. A photo taken at the edition’s signing is provided by the artist for authenticity. Paul Tibbets is an American hero. His leadership of this critical mission, one that so swiftly ended WWII with an allied victory, makes this autographed piece an outstanding investment and addition to the collection of any aficionado of world history.

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