Scramble: A Narrative History of the Battle of Britain



Scramble is the narrative history of the Battle of Britain drawn from interviews with more than 100 survivors of those desperate days; from combat reports, diaries, letters; from the men and women on the ground who watched their fate being decided in the sky. One of Great Britain's leading aces, William Dennis David, downed 20 enemy aircraft during the Battles of France and Britain. Commissioned in the Royal Air Force in 1938, the 19-year-old Welshman earned his wings in August. His first post was to Hurricanes with 87 Squadron. As part of the British Expeditionary Force, his squadron deployed to France in September 1939. For the next 7 months, there was virtually no aerial combat. On 10 May 1940, after many weeks of patrol activity, David gained his first aerial victory when he downed a Do-17 bomber and shared credit for an He-111 bomber. Book includes the signature of Battle of Britain pilot, Dennis David.

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