The death of Hitler: The final words from Russias secret archives



Conspiracy theories abound about exactly how Adolf Hitler died. This book compounds those theories but then comes down in favour of the real method Hitler used to take his own life.Much of the detail comes from Russian archives, kept secret for 50 years, plus the authors had access to Hitler's (supposed) skull, and the damage done to it. It is this latter that, as the authors state, 'settles once and for all the manner of Hitler's death'. Does it? Can it be believed? One still wonders.Life in the bunker is given in great detail and the personalities that inhabited it with the Fuhrer are very much to the fore, with Hitler's relationship with Joseph Goebbels, and indeed his wife, being particularly interesting. Many of those in the bunker died with him, some escaped in the breakout, others were simply taken prisoner. They all surrounded Hitler with great devotion and many, given the option to flee, chose to remain and face the consequences.There are also a selection of Hitler's watercolours, very little seen, painted in his youth and, in fairness, they are not too bad ... if only he had stuck to his art ...

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