THE LUCK OF THE DEVIL - An Autobiography 1934-41



Autobiography of AVM A.G. "Tony" Dudgeon who flew over India’s NW Frontier in the 1930’s and in 1941 helped to defeat German supported Iraqi’s in the Battle for RAF Habbaniya, near Baghdad. The author's autobiography of his career in the Royal Air Force, leaving Eton 1934 on a scholarship to Cranwell, the RAF flying and officer training school, postings briefly to 111 Squadron at Northolt and in 1936 to 11 Squadron at Risalpur on the NorthWest Frontier (India) flying Hawker Harts, self-converting to Bristol Blenheims, in 1940 briefly joining 45 Squadron in Egypt before taking command of 55 Squadron in North Africa as Squadron Leader, and finally a posting intended as a rest from operations to the Habbaniya Flying Training School in Iraq but a local change of government to Axis sympathy led to what became known as the Habbaniya Campaign Signed by: AVM A.G. "Tony" Dudgeon

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