Thunder in the Heavens: Classic American Aircraft of World War II



A complementary volume to Spirits In the Sky, Thunder In the Heavens takes us one step further by not only showing the aircraft but linking the wartime experience of U.S. airerews and their warbirds. The volume pays homage to the classic American aircraft that were instrumental in the Allied victory in World War II-the great American bombers and their protective fighter escort power. Featured are the B-17 Flying Fortress, P-38 Lightning, B-25 Mitchell and the F-4 Wildcat among others. Superb photographs are accompanied by firsthand accounts from the pilots, navigators, gunners and bombardiers who put their lives on the line. Readers will get the accounts, anecdotes and personal recollections of combat veterans, in their own words, as they recreate their roles in historic events, such as raids, and other action that involved these aircraft.

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