Warbirds in Review 2014 The B-25 Lt. Co. Richard E. Cole

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It is an honor to welcome Doolittle Raider Lt. Col. Richard Cole to Warbirds in Review. The Doolittle Raiders, led by Army Air Forces Lt. Col. James Doolittle, launched their audacious retribution from the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Hornet in 16 B-25 bombers on April 18, 1942. The 80 airmen who flew the 1942 Doolittle Raid on Tokyo, Japan, were recently honored with the Congressional Gold Medal which Col. Cole accepted on behalf of his comrades -   A secret one-way bombing run over Japan was conceived by Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle. B-25 bombers would take off from the deck of an aircraft carrier in the Pacific and fly 600 miles to drop their bombs.   Eleven of 80 men were captured or killed.  When Doolittle and his crew, including his Co-Pilot Dick Cole, were forced to bail out over China Col Doolittle was convinced that the mission was a failure, but it was quite the opposite.  The mission was a resounding success; restoring the moral of the American people which had been badly damaged after Pearl Harbor and forcing Japan to commit military resources to protect their homeland.   

The aircraft slated to appear is the newly restored B-25 "Paper Doll" belongs to the Fagen Fighters WWII Museum.  

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