Warbirds in Review 2016 Grumman TBM-3E "Avenger"

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This TBM that is owned by Brad and Jane Deckert flew off the USS Vella Gulf, participating in the Okinawa campaign.  The bullet holes are still visible as it carries its original VMTB 234 paint scheme.  Their enthusiasm and belief in the Warbird motto to “Keep Em Flying” was evident as they have organized the gathering of Avengers in Peru, Illinois over many years. The TBM forum for owner/operators included a presentation on maintaining the Avenger’s Curtiss-Wright R-2600-20 engine, as well as an open session for TBM owner/operators to discuss mutual concerns. The public was invited to get a close-up look at the TBMs, and witness some flying as well. 

Formation flights and invitations for former Avenger veterans rounded out the event.  This event was a perfect example of the camaraderie experienced in the Warbird community and the shared belief that it is important to showcase the aircraft that are our historical treasurers and recognize those who serve. 

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