Wolves in Sheeps Clothing (Pappy Boyington)



In mid 1942, America stemmed the southward moving tide of Japanese forces that threatened our allies, Australia and New Zealand. In 1943, after the epic struggle for Guadalcanal, allied forces began to slowly island-hop up the Solomons toward the major Japanese base of Rabaul on New Britain. American marines spearheaded the drive and etched names such as Bougainville, New Georgia and Munda into our history. In the tropic skys above, there were great air battles and many men and squadrons became famous as they performed heroic deeds. None are more famous than the subject of this painting, Major Gregory “Pappy” Boyington, leader of VMF-214, the Black Sheep Squadron.“Pappy” is shown flying an F4U Corsair which then displayed 20 kills. This plane was specially prepared for photos to be publicized back in the states, and is unlikely that “Pappy” flew the aircraft in combat with kill markings, as the bright red flags would have been a natural aiming point for his adversaries.EDITION: 2000 signed/numbered by Harley Copic and “Pappy” Boyington SIZE: 18” x 24”

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